Arguing with Lists: A List

Photo Jul 17, 6 23 58 PM1. Local blog A Taste of Koko threw down with “The 100 Things You Need to Eat This Summer in Austin.” While it contains a number of extremely respectable recommendations, such as grilled peaches at Swift’s Attic, blue coconut snow cones from Sno Beach, ceviche at La Condesa and thai tea ice cream from Thrice, other items don’t scream summer. Franklin‘s brisket is just as delicious in January as July, and ESK‘s brussel sprout salad is an Austin classic. No summer eats list is truly complete without paletas from Cold Ones, peanut butter mole ice cream at Ice Cream Social, and the most tweeted dessert in history: Qui’s cheddar ice cream sandwich.

2. Arguing with Buzzfeed is like arguing with that uncle who always brings up abortion at Thanksgiving: you’re playing into their hands. That said, their list of 34 Things Austinites Love gets it mostly right on the food and nightlife front. Two exceptions: Lick is the new Amy’s, and no one loves Sixth Street.

3. Zagat’s Summer Hot List includes all of Qui as well as Swift’s Attic’s new “Big Ass Burgers.” No argument there.


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